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Molecular Targets (MT) is developing highly sensitive nanochips that can be incorporated into portable sensors which will detect chemical and biological compounds in the parts per billion range. The versatility of this technology allows its use in a variety of environments such biological, environmental, agriculture, etc.

Pharmaceutical/Biological Applications

One of the primary limitations of using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) technology for the label-free study of proteins and their biology include the lack of reproducibility of the substrate, and the lack of uniformity of the interaction of the protein with the substrate. MT will use its proprietary MT-SERS substrates, which have regular and well-defined features to provide information such as phenotypic or morphological parent cell changes, information that normal High Throughput Screening (HTS) technologies cannot provide and is too expensive to perform using other techniques. Success of the MT-SERS proposed project has the potential to provide pharma with a new tool for drug discovery.

Environmental/Renewable Energy Applications

Other important areas that MT is focusing on is the detection of environmental contaminants in water, soil, and air. The most important points of the MT sensor are its portability, ease of use, and versatility at detecting a variety of chemical and biological compounds present in a wide range of concentrations. MT's platform technology can be readily applied to other applications such as high throughput screening, defense, and agriculture.

MT is also in the initial stages of exploring applications of its proprietary nanomaterials for use in the creation of a portable desalination unit. This device is based on Capacitive Deionzation (CDI) technology, which requires half the energy needed for other popular desalinization methods. This major improvement in energy efficiency should allow production of a unit that operates solely on solar power with enough capacity to provide 35 gallons of portable water per day.